Customer Testimonials
"We got a dog. Dog ate house and was wild. Dog earned nickname of "Devil
Dog". We found Unleash the Pawsitive. We lived happily ever after!
LOL - that's the short version, but it sums things up. When our adult,
un-neutered Husky mix adopted us, he was a handful. We were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into with this dog. The house was trashed so badly once that we thought we had been robbed! Luckily for us all we found
Unleash the Pawsitive shortly thereafter. Laura showed us how to
communicate with each other through positive training methods. She also
showed us the importance of physical and mental exercise and so many
different ways to incorporate it into the daily routine to keep things
interesting. It didn't happen overnight, and it is a continuing process,
but the difference in our house is amazing. This dog who once ate the house is now a happy member of the family. He has earned his Canine Good Citizen title and has also recently passed an Odor Recognition Trial for nose work. We are currently working on our C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) title.
When he hears the words "doggie school with Miz Laura" he starts doing his
happy dance. It is one of his most favorite things. If you haven't tried positive reinforcement training, you and your dog are really missing out on something wonderful."- Dixie B, Carrollton, GA
"You have been nothing short of a godsend for both my dogs as well as my husband and I! We have learned so much from your classes as well as your at home training sessions with us. I have owned dogs all of my life and can honestly say that taking classes with Unleash The Pawsitive has helped me to have a better relationship with Ella and Pipa than with any other dog I have ever owned! Thank you so much! You are absolutely wonderful!" - Honey D, Carrollton, Ga
"After 9 years together I thought I knew everything there was to know about my Jack Russell, Chip. Boy was I wrong! I knew we needed help when Chip had a very bad reaction to our new rescue, a 3 month old Pit Bull mix. I was amazed at Laura's ability to "translate" both dogs' body language and subtle cues for me so that I could "see" how they were feeling and reacting. She helped me in our one on one sessions to craft a plan to slowly introduce the dogs and create positive opportunities for them to interact and become more comfortable with one another. My pit bull mix Violet and I went on to have a great experience in basic obedience. Unleash the Pawsitive's positive reinforcement is definitely the way to go with training a new family member! Violet is a very strong girl yet she happily listens and responds to me as a result of our training. Chip and I went to a session for Nervous/Anxious/Reactive dogs and are just finishing up our first Nosework class. He absolutely loves Nosework. Searching makes him so happy, at ease & really helps him to relax. All of our work with Laura and Unleash the Pawsitive has been great for me to continue learning to read my dogs' body language so that I can respond to their needs better. Chip, Violet and I will definitely be continuing to work with Unleash the Pawsitive and we are all so satisfied with our experiences so far! - Tammy, An Old Dog Lover who has learned lots of New tricks!", Carrollton, GA
"I am so glad that I contacted you. I think people are always a little unsure of trainers and to be honest, I wondered if I was just wasting my money. I knew that I had to try something other than what I was doing if I wanted any change, and I'm glad I did. You have helped TREMENDOUSLY with not only Oliver's needs, but mine as well. I feel rewarded in some way because I know that I'm doing better things for Oliver, things I never knew I was supposed to be doing to begin with. I feel like a better owner because of it. Thank you Laura!!" - Jade S of Carrollton, GA
"I have been so pleased with every aspect of the training. Asena has made great improvements at home and you have given me the tools I need to keep working with her so her obedience can continue to improve. Thank you so much!" - Katie H of Carrollton, GA
"This class has been a wonderful experience for both Tucker and I. The things we learned have given us the opportunity to have a more fulfilling relationship. It's a great start for two lifelong friends..." - Katherine P of Carrollton, GA
"I am very impressed with how quickly we were able to get her (Zoey) to learn to do sit and down. I think you are a dog whisperer." - Sara P of Carrollton, GA
"My son and I really enjoyed doing this class with Katey. We really learned a lot and had fun doing it. Katey gets so excited when we tell her it's time to go to obedience class. I would and have recommended this class to others." - April H of Franklin, GA
"Thank you so much for being so patient with us. It is almost like magic to watch you work with the dogs and see the things they will do for you." - JoAnne V of Temple, GA
"I liked the interaction with other dogs and people in group classes. You could see Laura's love for all the dogs." - Linda C of Carrollton, GA
"You (Laura) are an excellent teacher. You've helped me relax with Abby and given me the tools to continue to work on her obedience." - Amy B of Carrollton, GA
"Very positive experience! Results are immediate with the methods Laura uses; simple to practice and a pleasure to attend classes." - Roberta G of Bowdon, GA
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