Private Training - NOTE:  Private training lessons are offered IN-PERSON OR ONLINE VIA ZOOM.

Private dog training lessons are held at our training facility in Carrollton, and are customized to meet your needs.  We can work on a range of behaviors and fun activities, including, obedience skills, manners, nose work, agility for fun, and behavior modification for aggression, reactivity, fear, or other anxiety related behaviors.


Prices provided below are based on an hourly rate of $100*, with a discount for pre-purchased, multiple lesson packages. Lesson content is determined by what you want your dog to learn, the level of difficulty of the behavior, and the dog's ability to learn it.

The number of training sessions needed is dependent upon many factors, including, the level of difficulty of the behavior, the dog's ability to learn the behavior, and the amount of practice, consistency, and effort you put into the process.

# of hours pre-purchased**

1 hour = $100 (Please note this option is NOT available for the initial session. Minimum time for initial session is 90 minutes).

90 minutes = $150

3 hours = $285

6 hours = $560

10 hours = $920

Mileage and travel rates will be added for training lessons requiring travel to additional locations.

To make your training lessons the most effective and valuable for your dog's learning needs, training packages of 3 hours of lessons must be used within 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Training packages of 6 hours of lessons must be used within 12 weeks from the date of purchase. Training packages of 10 hours of lessons must be used within 16 weeks from the date of purchase.

Training lessons not used within the time allotted will be forfeited.
Training packages are pre-paid, non-transferable, and non-refundable.

Registration & Payment

Call Laura Clawson at 770-871-8656 for more information and to schedule your private lesson dates and times. You may also email your registration request to

Once you have confirmed your private lesson start date via phone or email, a registration form will be sent to you via email, along with an invoice for a deposit amount of $100 to be applied toward your training lesson fees at the initial lesson. Completed registration forms may be scanned and emailed to or returned via the USPS mail.

To receive the package discount, full payment must be made at the start of the first session by cash, check, credit card, or money order.

A returned check fee of $25 will be charged and added to the amount due for each returned check.

Before making payment via credit card or other payment method, please confirm your registration with Laura at 770-871-8656.

**Extended sessions are offered at the rate of $50 for each additional half hour.  Additional time is charged in 30 minute increments.

Cancellation Policy

72 hour notice is required for cancellation of a private training session appointment. Fees equivalent of a one hour session may be charged for cancellations with less than 72 hour notice.

For more information, please call Laura Clawson at 770-871-8656 or email

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