Unleash the Pawsitive offers board and train services for Basic through Advanced Obedience commands. Please call Laura at 770-871-8656 for more information on cases involving aggression or threatening behaviors.
For obedience work, your dog can spend one to four weeks in our board and train service to learn the behaviors you need most. Depending on the time your dog stays with us, we'll teach your dog to sit, stay, down, come, "leave it," leash walking, polite greetings, door manners, potty training, and general good manners for indoor living. Using dog and human friendly positive reinforcement methods, we'll work with you and your dog to help sustain long-term, reliable behaviors.
The cost of the board and train is $929 for 2 weeks, $1349 for 3 weeks, or $1749 for 4 weeks.


Give your puppy, aged 8 weeks to 20 weeks a great jump start to important behaviors. The 14 Day Puppy Jump Start Program includes an introduction to:

- Beginning Potty Training
- Focus/attention
- Target/touch
- Sit
- Down
- Wait
- Stay
- "Leave it"
- Recall (come when called)
- Beginning leash manners

The cost of the 14 Day Puppy Jump Start Program is $899.

During training, your dog will receive lots of love and positive attention from everyone involved. To keep you current on the training progress, pet parents will come to the training facility one time per week to participate in the training process. Don't worry, we'll still do all the hard work. We want pet parents to understand how to use the voice cues and hand signals to gain compliance with requests, as well as obtain information necessary to maintain the training.
For additional information on board and train services, please contact Laura Clawson at 770-871-8656 or via email at

Registration & Payment

Call Laura Clawson at 770-871-8656 for more information and to schedule your board and train or puppy jump start dates and times. You may also email your registration request to
Once you have confirmed your board and train start date via phone or email, you will receive a registration form via email. Completed registration forms may be scanned and emailed to or mailed with payment for a minimum of the first week of services.
A returned check fee of $25 will be charged and added to the amount due for each returned check.
Coupons and discount certificates are not valid for board and train services. However, gift certificates may be used if paying by check or cash only. Coupons, discount certificates, and gift certificates may not be used on credit card purchases.
Before making payment via credit card, please confirm your registration with Laura at 770-871-8656.
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