Unleash the Pawsitive, LLC

"It's Where Dogs and Their People Choose To Learn."

Join us for training that is dog and human friendly!  We focus on engaging the dog to strengthen relationships and to achieve a successful human/animal bond. 


We offer In-Person Behavior Consultations, Private Lessons, Nose Work Classes, Dog and Baby/Toddler Dynamics, & Dog and Child Safety, and More!


Online training is also offered!  We can meet online, using both audio and video tools available on Smartphones, a tablet, or computer.  This option has been working great for our clients who still need training help during these times of required social distancing due to COVID-19.

Call Laura at (770) 871-8656

About Us

Unleash the Pawsitive LLC is based in Carrollton, GA and serves most surrounding counties. We use proven, positive reinforcement training methods that you and your pet will find fun and rewarding. Unleash the Pawsitive LLC is owned and operated by Laura Clawson and is a proud partner of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT).

What can we help with?

- Behavior Consultations & Behavior Modification Programs


- Separation Anxiety


- Reactivity, Aggression, & Problem Behaviors

- Choosing a new dog or puppy for your home
- Puppy Socialization Skills

- Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Manners/Skills

- House training and crate training
- Boundary Training
- Chewing
- Jumping

- Excessive Barking

- Digging
- Begging and Stealing from Counters
- Nose Work for fun or sport
- Having more fun with your dog using games and obstacles
- AKC Star Puppy & Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Preparation & Evaluation
- Dog Bite Prevention and Child Safety Programs (i.e. Be a Tree)

- Preparing your dog for bringing home baby

- Dog and Toddler Dynamics

For more information on our training services, please call 770.871.8656 or email


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965 Folds Rd

Carrollton, GA

Phone: +1 770 871 8656 +1 770 871 8656

E-mail: laura.clawson@unleashthepawsitive.com

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